Favendo realizes indoor navigation for Karstadt in Düsseldorf

As the technological market leader for innovative location-based services Favendo has implemented indoor navigation over five floors in the Düsseldorf Karstadt branch. Technological basis of the navigation solution is a beacon infrastructure.

Over 700 Bluetooth low energy sensors ensure comfortable customer navigation to the desired POI. For example, if a customer is looking for a department, his smartphone will tell him the fastest way through the store.

Navigation has been integrated into the Karstadt app using Favendo’s Commander Software Development Kit (SDK). Likewise Karstadt uses the map SDK of Favendo. While the Commander SDK implements, among other things, the location-based services positioning and navigation, the Map-SDK allows app developers to store their own interior plans as maps for navigation in the app as well as to plan routes. All user interface elements are flexibly adaptable.

The implementation took place as part of the project “twentyfourseven Karstadt – The Experience Store” under the direction of the Dusseldorf creative and retail design agency Mavis. In the Karstadt Experience Store in Dusseldorf, customers can benefit from the combination of digital and stationary shopping, that means they can experience a new holistic shopping experience through the integration of omnichannel touchpoints and technologies.