Favendo Location Based Services available on a total of 8 MSC Cruises Ships as of Summer 2021

Favendo is proud to announce that from August 2021, Favendo’s Location Based Services will already be deployed on 8 cruise ships of MSC Cruises, the world’s third largest cruise brand and leading provider of cruises in Europe, South America, the Emirates and South Africa.

MSC Bellissima with Favendo Location Based Services

Favendo’s indoor positioning and wayfinding solution provides guests on board of MSC ships with a stress-free navigation as well as enabling a noticeable relief of the staff. The navigation solutions on the cruise ships ensure that guests can easily find their way to any destination on board without having to constantly ask the staff for directions. This also brings more peace and quiet to the ships overall. Just imagine, instead of frantically searching for the right way to get to the spinning class offered in the ship’s own gym on time, for example, you can simply let the app navigate you in a relaxed manner! Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Since 2019, Favendo has been proving the functionality of its real-time location and location based services on board. In numbers, this means that more than 100,000 cruise passengers have relied on Favendo’s RTLS solutions to quickly and safely reach their desired destination on board. Around 20,000 beacons have already been installed on 8 ships. Favendo is the only provider that can build up the completely self-sufficient sensor infrastructure needed at sea in extreme environments, so that indoor navigation works reliably on the world’s oceans, even independently of expensive satellite connections!

The fact that MSC Cruises keeps choosing Favendo’s BLE technology for precise on-board positioning is due not only to its functionality at sea and proven end-to-end solution, but also to Favendo’s expert knowledge. For example, the first Bluetooth-based kids tracker for cruise ships was developed by Favendo, allowing parents to keep an eye on their children on board at all times – even when they are out of sight.

Indoor Navigation in cruise ships < Favendo location based services
Indoor Navigation on the MSC Bellissima
Indoor Navigation | MSC Bellissima

Over the years, Favendo’s developers and project managers have familiarized themselves with the special requirements of tracking solutions on cruise ships and perfected the possibilities of indoor navigation and wayfinding on board. This is because high-precision positioning based on BLE technology requires a reliable infrastructure as well as an easy-to-use tool for its control and maintenance. Favendo takes care of the planning, installation and monitoring of the entire sensor infrastructure on the ships.

Favendo’s location based services in form of indoor positioning/wayfinding can be integrated either in the form of digital signage kiosks distributed on the ships or via SDK in the MSC for me app on the ships. The indoor positioning systems on the cruise ships are based on the individual floor plans of the ships.

Currently, six ships offer the option to use Favendo’s location-based services in the MSC for Me app and additionally via digital signage:

  • MSC Seashore
  • MSC Bellissima
  • MSC Grandiosa
  • MSC Meraviglia
  • MSC Seaside
  • MSC Seaview

On MSC Splendida as well as MSC Virtuosa and MSC Seashore, MSC’s newest smart ships, Wayfinding via digital signage is integrated into kiosk systems on the ships.

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