Favendo Equips new MSC Cruises Flagship MSC Virtuosa with Location Based Service System

After a break of almost one year due to the pandemic, MSC resumes its cruise operations again – even if in a limited scope for the moment. We are proud to announce that Favendo was again able to equip a ship with its RTLS solutions this year, none other than the new cruise ship MSC Virtuosa, the latest member of the MSC fleet.

The MSC Virtuosa arrived in Southampton on May 12, 2021, to sail exclusively United Kingdom cruises from here. As the newest and most innovative ship in the MSC family, the Virtuosa not only delights with an outstanding leisure offering, including a humanoid robot bartender, but also with a customized digital signage solution for indoor positioning and wayfinding from Favendo.

Location based Services on MSC Virtuosa.

MSC Virtuosa is the 7th ship equipped with Favendo’s Location Based Services Solution

When learning that this is already the 7th ship from MSC Cruises to be equipped with Favendo’s LBS, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about Favendo’s solution, right? The distinctive feature of all Favendo RTLS solutions on MSC cruise ships is their unrestricted functionality on board (on premises) without an existing internet connection. This is also the expertise that distinguishes Favendo as a provider of RTLS solutions: The ability to reliably plan and roll out fully functional RTLS solutions in the most complex environments.

Required functionality for MSC Virtuosa: Static indoor positioning and wayfinding

Favendo’s digital signage integration enables indoor positioning systems that guide users to any point of interest (POI) on a customized digital map. The positioning is based on the locations of over 90 digital signage kiosks that are spread throughout the ship. The solution also provides static wayfinding for orientation, such as finding your assigned cabin on the ship, the closest toilets or a relevant POI in all public areas.

With the indoor navigation feature, the customer is guided from their current location to any desired public POI within the ship. Improved guest experience at the highest level –  don’t get lost and simply find your way!

Location based services for indoor positioning and wayfinding on MSC Virtuosa.

Favendo’s tasks in Detail

Favendo was responsible for all software components necessary to implement these functions, as well as the installation and configuration of these components on board. In addition, Favendo provided the system requirements, such as processors and the network, for the aforementioned components and conducted training with the personnel on site on how to use the system, to set up maps or POIs, for example. Moreover, the core software remains as deeply integrated as before, allowing other services to resume at any given point of time in the future.

Curious? Discover the MSC Virtuosa, the newest ship in the MSC fleet!

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