New Voice International AG trusts in Favendo

New Voice International AG integrates Favendos Commander and MapView SDK into its central alarm and information platform, MobiCall. The partnership between Favendo GmbH and the Swiss New Voice International AG was signed in July.

New Voice MobiCall is a multifunctional alarm, information, evacuation and conference system. The integration of Favendo solutions into the MobiCall app extends the broad performance range of the system by the function of being able to display one’s own position in the monitored building on a smartphone or tablet at any time on an integrated map.

Thus the Commander SDK makes a valuable contribution to being able to orientate oneself much faster and better, especially in alarm situations or in case of evacuation, and to locate helpless persons in the building. At the same time, the location function supports effective task management and helps to optimize control and administration processes.

In addition to positioning, the Commander SDK also includes navigation, asset tracking, notifications based on beacon and zone proximity as well as analytics. The MapView SDK allows app developers to store their own interior maps as maps for navigation in the app and to plan routes. All user interface elements can be flexibly adapted.

The current version 3.19.0 allows an even more variable configuration of the integral beacon scanning, which in combination with the likewise refined RSSI filters results in a more precise positioning in open architectures with floor changes. A complete revision of the data loading module leads to a massive improvement in overall performance and a 50 percent reduction in loading times.

About New Voice International AG: Since 1991, the Swiss company New Voice International AG has been developing high-quality solutions in the fields of security, telecommunications and information technology. With more than 6,000 systems successfully implemented worldwide, New Voice is the leading provider in the field of Unified Event Communication.