Navigation: From inside to outside and back again

Where is the address, the sight or the restaurant I am looking for? To answer this question, it’s almost a matter of course to reach for your smartphone these days. Open the map app, whether it’s from Google, Apple or someone else, type in the destination and start navigation. Whether on foot or in a car, thanks to GPS we can – in most cases – find the fastest and safest way to our destination.

But GPS has its limits, as we all know. Namely, whenever walls come into play that cut off the line of sight between the navigation device and the satellites. So if you’re looking for a conference room in a confusing office complex, your block in a huge sports arena, the departure gate at the airport, a specific booth at a large industrial trade show or the seminar room on a sprawling university campus, the standard GPS application will quickly fail.

So to make the inside of buildings navigable, additional technology is needed to provide digital wayfinding for employees, visitors and guests. Ideally, of course, it should be possible to switch back and forth completely seamlessly between indoor and outdoor navigation.

Indoor-outdoor navigation by Favendo.

Indoor outdoor navigation at university

Let’s stay with the example of the university campus. Whether it’s Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, the University of Oxford in the UK or Stanford University in California. They all have one thing in common. They consist of numerous individual buildings spread over a huge campus, sometimes in the middle of a city. Finding your way around is another challenge in addition to studying.

A smartphone app that offers seamless navigation from the front door to the seminar room or any other point of interest within a building saves time and nerves.

Conveniently navigate from room to room with your smartphone

The technical requirements are an Android and/or iPhone app, which many companies, administrations, event centers or universities already offer, an indoor Bluetooth infrastructure consisting of positioning beacons and the Favendo SDK.

Favendo SDK for iOS & Android

The Favendo Commander base SDK enables location-based real-time positioning. It is available for Android and iOS and can also be integrated into hybrid applications. Core functions are indoor positioning, navigation as well as asset tracking and proximity solutions.

Indoor Navigation | Services | Favendo
Indoor Navigation via Bluetooth

The Favendo Commander SDK comes with MapView. MapView is one of the basic UI components of applications developed at Favendo. The SDK can be used by external developers using Favendo products. It allows them to easily integrate indoor maps into their app.

The parallel implementation of Google Maps into the app then enables a seamless switch from outdoor to indoor navigation.

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