Favendo’s new Software Interface based on IMDF: Standards as an Advance for the International RTLS Market

Favendo GmbH, the German provider of mobile solutions for indoor positioning, tracking and navigation solutions, is in the final stages of releasing a new interface for its Location Engine. Favendo’s new interface has been redesigned from the ground up to simplify its integration into third-party infrastructures, to queue data in the event of temporary connectivity losses, and to be as interoperable with other systems as possible.

Furthermore, Favendo, noting that the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is in the process of adopting IMDF as an OGC Community Standard in an attempt to unify the processes involved in creating apps and services that offer indoor positioning, has based its new interface on Apple’s Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF). It is hoped that the implementation of standardized formats for use with indoor positioning systems will be a significant development in future-proofing Favendo’s RTLS ecosystem by making favendo’s products even more compact and mobile-compatible and more user-friendly.

Favendo's new software interface based on IMDF | Supporting industry standards for indoor mapping

What is IMDF?

Apple’s IMDF provides a model for indoor mapping and helps users of Apple Maps find their way in venues, such as train stations, shopping malls and airports, all around the world. The IMDF is a highly extensible data model that is both generalized and comprehensive. Once IMDF is adopted as the gold standard for indoor mapping, it will simplify the creation and development of apps and services with the same map data on any app or operating system.

Favendo Indoor Location with IMDF

Favendo is prepared for IMDF to become an industry standard. favendo’s newly designed API is currently being rolled out for a large scale project in the German healthcare sector, where IMDF is used as basis for the software interface. Favendo’s new API is on track to available to existing customers in the next few weeks. This is another significant step forward in the development of indoor positioning and yet another example of Favendo demonstrating its professional expertise and its role as a market leader in the RTLS industry.

Standards benefit everyone

Favendo is committed to playing a leading role in establishing benchmark standards in the real-time location-based services market. Favendo’s goal is to reduce the cost of integration while building viable solutions. Favendo hopes to transform real time location-based services from an optional capability into a basic utility, such as electricity, tap water and Wi-Fi.

As such, Favendo is participating in the omlox Initiative. omlox aims to enable unified access to location data across all geospatial and positioning technologies, especially for industrial applications where hardware and software from a diverse array of different manufacturers is currently used. Favendo’s contribution to this initiative is their Indoor Location Application Platform Commander, which allows for the integration of location data into existing CRM and ERP systems by using an open JSON/REST Push/Pull API.

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