Virtourio and Favendo develop innovative AR-indoor-navigation car dealer-app for Audi

Capabilities of ecommerce and retail merged by Get-your-Audi-app

On behalf of Audi AG Virtourio and Favendo developed an app with unique functions for the GWplus Zentrum Munich. The entire system is based on the modular AR-sales-app-solution Virtourio and the elementary Favendo-module for instorenavigation and location-based services. The user can still at home select cars and get guided by map view or innovative AR-orientation to the dealer and in the store directly to the car. Furthermore, the customer can interact with the POS. The app is a significant step towards a merger of online- and offline-world. Additionally, internal car dealer processes, i.e. sales preparation, can be optimized by tracking the stock of cars. Once again, the two partner companies prove their reputation as innovation-drivers, this time in car trading. They developed a unique app for the Audi dealer GWZ Munich enabling a seamless user experience from online to offline retail. Customers can select the preferred car and get navigated not only to the dealer, but instore directly to the chosen vehicle. Considering the 12,000 sqm sales floor and stock of up to 1,000 cars, this is a tremendously useful function to get a first impression even without sales staff, e.g. on a Sunday.

The innovative beacon-based indoor-navigation-system identifies the positions of vehicles and users to indicate the closest path on an indoor-map. Even more progressive, it is also possible to show the car position by augmented reality on the smartphone screen. The car will be highlighted by a point-of-interest-flag opening additional information and content. These flags can also be used for client-specific communication, e.g. offers. This combination of AR and instore-navigation is state-of-the-art. Furthermore, the client can interact with visual media, like POS-displays, price tags and screens by AR-image recognition and get additional information like videos being displayed. Basically, the whole multimedia range including 3D animations can be rendered. According to both managing directors, Stephan Spachowski (Virtourio) and Richard Lemke (Favendo), “is such a car dealer app part of future retailing structures. The next generation of our modular standard solution will be able to generate and convert leads by smartphones. At the moment, the user is open for a sales contact or is interested, for example walking in the street, noticing a car and willing to know more. The user device will be able to recognize any vehicle and give the prospective buyer detailed information and individualized sales offers.” Besides the sales functionalities, this solution supports the internal car dealer processes. The management is able to track permanently the vehicle positions and monitor the preparation and provision process. Hence, the expenses as well as the sales duration can be optimized. Virtourio is a modular AR-sales-app-solution, which is capable to manage the entire purchase funnel including the POS. The integrated standard Favendo-SDK enables broad locationbased services-/instore-navigation functions. The whole system including the app content and interactions can be managed and analyzed by the back-end management UI.