On-Demand Webinar: Digital Transformation in Mining

In this free, 40 minutes long webinar followed by a Q&A session, Stefan Balduf, CEO of Favendo, and Paulo Mery, Business Leader at IGO – Innovación en movimiento, will show you the most realiable Location Services in extremely challenging environments based on a use case in Chile.

Favendo specializes in real-time location systems that provide reliable location data even under extremely difficult conditions. This makes them particularly suitable for optimizing workflows in the field of raw material extraction, both above and below ground. But also for tracking people to increase occupational safety, especially for lone workers or in case of an accident.

With our partner iGO, we have already successfully implemented an asset tracking project at Minera Antucoya in Chile, increasing productivity by 14%. At the same time, maintenance and repair costs were reduced by 18%. In this webinar we will show you which products were used in this use case, what the technical solution looks like in detail and how the project will be expanded in the coming year in our next webinar. Here you will have the opportunity not only to get to know the technology better, but also to ask individual questions in order to weigh up whether such a solution also makes sense for your company.