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A tracking system offers businesses a number of advantages. From increased supply chain transparency to reducing transportation and production bottlenecks, a strategically designed tracking system plays a key role in improving efficiency and reducing costs.

However, for companies and organizations that do not currently have an asset tracking solution or people tracking solution, there are some potential barriers to implementation. Careful planning of the asset tracking solution with the help of a competent partner helps to identify and avoid these obstacles.

When planning to implement a solution, it is critical to identify the priorities and goals of key user groups. Our whitepaper gives you a first impression of technical possibilities, functionalities and use cases of asset tracking and people tracking solutions.

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Asset & Person Tracking

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    Discover the world of RTLS use cases

    There is almost an unlimited number for Real Time Location Services in several industries, like mining, healthcare, industry 4.0, sports or the cruise industry. To give you an overview of the possible use case scenarios, we have compiled a portfolio of them according to the different sectors.

    Favendo_ Use Case Portfolio_ RTLS


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