Aware Care – a digital nervous system for your hospital

The days of a nurse performing rounds with a clipboard, checklist, and pen are over. Today, hospitals are leveraging digital rounding tools to automate the process of checking in on patients, taking vitals, recording observations, and more. This puts all communication in a centralized place and ensures processes are followed consistently, which improves patient care and compliance reporting.

Not all digital rounding systems are created equal, however. Favendo’s partner DeCurtis has introduced an innovative new solution called Aware Care which uses staff and patient wearables in concert with static location anchors to record interactions between staff members and patients automatically. Validated data such as date, time, location, proximity, and duration of a visit is captured in real-time, virtually eliminating the potential for human error.

Aware Care - a digital nervouss ystem for hospitals | Favendo in partnership with DeCurtis Corporation

Aware Care creates a customizable, digital nervous system for your hospital, addressing your specific needs, processes, and standards to improve accuracy, reliability, and efficiency. Our intuitive digital rounding system ensures that your hospital standards are followed, by providing an assisted workflow with real-time alerts and reminders that prompt caregivers to perform their rounds properly. This helps your team work with confidence and ensures that your patients are getting consistent, quality care.

And you’ll never need to worry about the digital rounding system going down. If there is a power outage or loss of network connection, Aware Care seamlessly transitions to an offline mode, ensuring no observational data is lost. Later, it will sync back to the server whenever a connection becomes available.

Aware Care not only offers your patients improved quality and safety, it provides increased accountability and better compliance reporting. It actively records numerous data points and process steps behind the scenes, as well as allows your employees to add notes or photos to any observation or visit to provide additional information. Your nurses and staff can worry less about manually recording their visits, and spend more time actually caring for and listening to patients.

In fact, a report from KLAS Research determined that hospitals that have implemented digital rounding tools had happier patients and better compliance. Specifically,

  • 59% of hospitals said patient satisfaction was improved
  • 37% cited improved accountability or compliance

Aware Care is the single solution that utilizes wearables, beacons, and Bluetooth technology to automate previously manual processes uses both location and proximity technology and is fully customizable to comply with healthcare regulations and hospital-specific processes.

If you are interested in learning more about how Aware Care can improve patient care, accountability and compliance at your hospital, get in touch with Favendo or DeCurtis.

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