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About Favendo

We are flexible and innovative. We are committed to providing excellent service and personal attention to our customers from the outset, whether on site or remote.  A team of creative minds, strategists, technology experts and Star Wars fans who develop customized real-time tracking solutions for a wide range of industries. And we all have one thing in common: a passion for location-based services.  Our goal is to make indoor positioning so ubiquitous that companies in every industry will not want to do without the added value of RTLS. To achieve this, we rely on open systems, proven technologies and a broad network of partners.

We help people navigate unfamiliar environments or find what they are looking for more quickly. Favendo stands for reliable Real Time Location Systems – indoor as well as outdoor. We don’t just calculate location data in real time, we also have in-depth knowledge of location technologies and provide our customers with comprehensive consulting services. We plan RTLS projects from the ground up, visit the tracking environment live on site, install hardware, put the system through its paces and integrate partner technologies into our platform. We deliver your complete, customized location solution.

Favendo has been developing and marketing indoor positioning solutions since 2014, just one year after Apple introduced the iBeacon. So we have almost 10 years of experience in real-time positioning. We started with positioning solutions for retail, travel and leisure venues such as sports stadiums. Since 2017, we have proven the reliability of our RTLS with the stand-alone sensor infrastructures on by now ten MSC cruise ships. Today, our professional products help our customers find and locate things, people and places.

Favendo in facts and figures

Reliable positioning data
Whether on the high seas or at an altitude of 3500 meters: Our RTLS gives you reliable location data in real time.
Installed Beacons
We have installed over 50,000 beacons. And we're just talking about our proprietary solution.
Search time saved
On average, our customers save this many hours of search time annually with Asset Tracking in a 3-shift environment.

Your contacts

  • Stefan Balduf | Favendo
    If you give everything, you can’t blame yourself.
    Stefan Balduf, CEO

    Stefan Balduf


    +49 (0) 1725859564

  • Michael Lorey | Favendo
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    Michael Lorey, Sales Manager DACH

    Michael Lorey

    Sales Manager DACH

    +49 (0) 1725816606

  • Kévin Pinsard | Favendo
    Position yourself well enough, and circumstances will do the rest.
    Kévin Pinsard, Head of Product Management & Dev team

    Kévin Pinsard

    Head of Product Management & Dev team

    +49 (0) 172 5863572

  • James Cagney | Favendo
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    James David Cagney, Project Manager

    James David Cagney

    Project Manager

    +49 (0) 172 585 07 51