Welcome to the world of RTLS products

Favendo’s Real Time Location System is a powerful and technology-agnostic platform for location-based services. Through the integration of numerous partner technologies, high-precision, spatially accurate and seamless indoor/outdoor positioning as well as hybrid positioning solutions can be implemented. The Bluetooth-based system enables case-centric positioning. Favendo’s positioning solutions are already proven in challenging environments and provide reliable real-time positioning data for various use cases, even on the high seas or in mining and open pit mines.

With Favendo’s RTLS you get a customized real-time location solution that can be easily integrated into existing systems. Our open system allows not only to integrate partner technologies based on BLE AoA, GPS or WiFi, but also to feed the position data via API into your CRM, ERP or HIS systems. We rely on a modular combination of our software components for maximum use case coverage. Whether Favendo Viewer Webapp, Maps or Positioning SDK, Favendo Tagger tool for marrying assets and tags or Favendo Robot, a tool for zone-based events: combine the individual components of our Favendo Modular RTLS Suite according to your use case requirements.

Favendo positioning solutions are always based on the same 3 building blocks, regardless of the technology: The hardware, i.e. anchor points or tags, the positioning engine and an open API. The latter can be used to feed position data from partner technologies into Favendo’s RTLS and to make the position data available to the end user via a front-end solution. The choice of hardware is almost unlimited. Our RTLS is compatible with many Bluetooth-enabled tags, and we can also use access points with BLE modules from other manufacturers, such as Aruba, as trackers. Integration with existing customer systems is always possible via a standard JSON/REST push/pull API.

Explore your possibilities with Favendo RTLS

  • Indoor Navigation with Bluetooth | Favendo GmbH
    Indoor Navigation
    Indoor Navigation,

    Find your way around a hospital, cruise ship, corporate campus or football stadium with ease.

  • Indoor Outdoor Tracking in mining | Favendo GmbH
    Indoor / Outdoor Tracking
    Indoor / Outdoor Tracking,

    Combining GPS and BLE allows you to keep track of assets at all times.

  • High precision Asset Tracking using BLE Angle of Arrival | Favendo GmbH
    High Precision Indoor Positioning
    High Precision Indoor Positioning,

    Centimeter-level indoor positioning using BLE Angle of Arrival. Optimal positioning solution for Industry 4.0. Cost-effective and scalable.

  • Asset Tracking in Warehouses / Logistics | Favendo GmbH
    Asset Tracking
    Asset Tracking,

    Asset Tracking System for real-time location of assets and people. Cost-effective indoor tracking for industry, healthcare and smart buildings.