Mining sites for iron, ore, copper or other minerals are typically vast areas with hidden zones where workers often work alone with heavy machinery or explosive materials. The use of RTLS in mining and open pit operations helps you to know the whereabouts of people even in areas that are out of sight. This increases safety in mining operations. Outdoor or underground positioning provides a transparent overview of all work processes and production steps. In particular, the digitization of the so-called last mile in mining offers enormous potential for increasing productivity.

Tracking in mines, which are usually a mix of indoors and outdoors, uses a special combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and GPS positioning. This allows you to seamlessly locate people and objects in real time – in open spaces, underground or indoors. For this hybrid solution, Favendo integrates Actility/Abeeway’s multi-mode trackers into its RTLS. The trackers have a special dust-proof housing and can withstand the extreme stresses of a mining environment. In addition, the tracking solution can be installed completely on-site, independent of the local network connection.

The benefits of RTLS in mining

With Favendo’s RTLS you can locate people, objects, vehicles and plants not only indoors, but also outdoors and underground at any time. GPS and BLE are combined for positioning. The signal is transmitted to the location engine via LoRaWAN. LoRaWAN is a low power radio standard with a range of kilometers. Actility/Abeeway multi-mode trackers are used for outdoor and underground mining. ATEX certified devices are used in hazardous areas. Field data can be transferred directly to your ERP system via an open Rest API. This allows productivity and utilization to be measured and clearly displayed in dashboards.

Mining is one of the industries with the highest risk of worker accidents and injuries. In the event of an accident or even a cave-in in underground mines, real-time location of individual workers can be life-saving. Tag people and monitor their location and vital signs at all times. You can also use geofences to pay special attention to people in dangerous areas. Zone Alerts can also be used to send alerts to the tags of tracked people to remind them to be more careful. People tracking can be done in a fully privacy compliant manner without personal data by using a combination of tag ID and location.