Asset Tracking System with BLE

With an asset tracking system, you can track the location and usage of assets, work pieces, vehicles or people. By using location data, you not only have visibility into the location of assets, but you can also control inventory usage and planning, and generally automate your inventory management process. The key to a successful tracking system implementation is to integrate the location data with existing systems, such as ERP, and make it actionable.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an industry standard for low-power wireless communication. Indoor tracking with BLE requires a dedicated infrastructure of mobile Bluetooth tags attached to assets or people, also called beacons, and static anchor points, also called beacon trackers. The anchor points receive the signal from the asset tags and forward it to the positioning engine, which uses algorithms to calculate the position of the asset. Depending on the use case, the data is exposed via an open API to an existing CRM/ERP/KIS system or via a web application, such as the Favendo Viewer, to locate assets on a map.

Indoor positioning with Bluetooth Low Energy is very robust and provides reliable location data if the infrastructure is properly planned. An asset tracking system with BLE is therefore suitable for difficult environments such as factories, hospitals, cruise ships, airports or mining. Favendo uses the RSSI method to calculate BLE location data. RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator and is the standard positioning method used by many Indoor Positioning Systems (IPS) and RTLS. The position of assets is calculated based on the received signal strengths of the asset tags and provides accuracies of 1 to 3 meters. In other words, perfect for locating an asset in a specific room or zone. We call it spatial positioning.

Asset Tracking System for real-time location of assets and people. Cost-effective indoor tracking for industry, healthcare and smart buildings.

Whether you are tracking assets or people with Bluetooth, you can track the movement of tagged objects from point A to point B in real time and gain total visibility into the process chain. This helps you to be more productive, to make processes more efficient and to create a safe working environment for your employees. Favendo’s asset tracking system enables reliable inventory and resource management, effective route planning, optimized run times and predictive maintenance. Locate employees, patients and guests quickly and easily with a wearable.

A Bluetooth asset tracking solution is extremely low maintenance and durable. The hardware, consisting of tags and anchor points, is robust and cost-effective. This makes it much easier for you to get started with your RTLS project. A particular advantage of the Favendo Asset Tracking System is its technology agnostic approach. Our RTLS is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled tags from various manufacturers and can be scaled to meet your needs. Favendo’s standard asset tracking solution is cloud-based. For even more data security, you can install your RTLS on-premises on your own servers.