Real-time positioning on cruise ships takes the cruise experience to a new level. Indoor navigation helps guests find their way around the ship quickly and easily. Thanks to real-time positioning, passengers can also keep track of the location of children, other passengers and property. The idea behind RTLS for the cruise industry is to improve life and, more importantly, the experience on board. By making orientation effortless, connecting crew and passengers, and simplifying communication with international guests.

Smart cruise ships can guide passengers through the ship via an app or digital kiosk system. This gives guests a positive feeling, especially during their arrival and first days on board. Tracking children or valuables gives your guests that extra bit of security: While parents relax on deck, they can check the whereabouts of their children at any time via an app. Or track their luggage in real time.

The benefits of RTLS for the cruise industry

With a glance at the app or an information terminal, your guests can be instantly navigated to the desired destination on board. This is made possible by a completely self-sufficient infrastructure of beacons. These are small Bluetooth low energy sensors that are placed in all public areas of the ship. As Internet connectivity is rather poor on the high seas, Favendo has developed a special on premises navigation system for cruise ships. Thanks to precise planning of the infrastructure, the steel of the ship’s hull does not interfere with the radio signals. Integrate the on-board navigation either via SDK into your existing app or through static navigation kiosks for the smart ship experience.

More than 100,000 cruise guests already rely on Favendo’s location-based services on the high seas. Since 2017, 10 MSC Cruises cruise ships have been using our real-time location services. On a total of six ships, the indoor navigation is integrated into the “MSC for Me” app via an SDK in a CI-compliant way. The remaining ships use a static wayfinding solution with digital signage kiosk systems. Over the years, we brought RTLS to perfection on the cruise vessels. We take care of the planning, installation and monitoring of the entire sensor infrastructure. Favendo is the only provider to offer a completely self-sufficient tracking solution that can withstand the extreme conditions of the high seas and provide reliable positioning.

RTLS on Cruiseships. Best practice  

Indoor navigation and real-time tracking in the MSC for Me app.

RTLS on Cruiseships. Best practice

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