Seamless indoor/outdoor tracking

Most businesses cover an entire area of buildings, outdoor sites and, in the case of drilling sites or underground mines, even underground terrain. To operate efficiently and safely, you need a seamless tracking solution that provides reliable indoor, outdoor and underground location data. Gain full visibility into your process chain by combining indoor tracking and outdoor positioning. For the complete solution, we combine different tracking technologies and bundle them in the Favendo RTLS platform. This provides you with an end-to-end solution for the real-time tracking of assets and people, both indoors and outdoors, using a single source medium.

Tracking is essential to prevent accidents on large factory sites with blind spots. Whether from vehicles or lone workers. A seamless indoor/outdoor tracking solution can help you quickly evacuate people in an emergency or provide advance warning when people or equipment enter hazardous areas, such as explosive atmospheres. In addition, outdoor tracking in open areas provides theft protection for expensive machinery or equipment. This reduces costs while providing information on the asset’s operating hours, mileage and GPS location.

Improve productivity and safety in mining, logistics and construction by tracking vehicles, tools and people.

Favendo has developed a seamless hybrid solution with the multi-mode trackers from Abeeway/Actility: This is based on a combination of GPS outdoors and BLE indoors. The signals are transmitted via LoRaWAN. The low power wide area network transmits radio signals over long distances with low power consumption. Actility/Abeeway’s multi-mode trackers are available in business card size for tracking people, as well as in dust- and splash-proof housings and with ATEX certification for particularly harsh environments. The geotracking devices switch between BLE and GPS depending on the infrastructure and can both send and receive signals.

Seamless indoor/outdoor tracking is especially valuable in industries where it is difficult to accurately locate assets and people. These industries also tend to have a high risk of employee accidents or injuries. In addition to safety, outdoor positioning can help you optimize processes, increase productivity and improve machine utilization. The digitization of the entire production process offers valuable analysis possibilities and reduces stressful waiting and searching times. Favendo’s Outdoor Tracking has been tested in extremely harsh and dusty environments and can also be installed on-site for maximum data security.