• Case Study: MSC Cruises Location-based services on cruisehips | Favendo GmbH
    MSC Cruises
    On-Prem solution for mobile wayfinding and Kidsfinder feature on cruise ships.

Favendo is an experienced solution provider of Real Time Location Systems. We place great emphasis on service and consulting and support our customers from the initial inquiry, through solution finding, planning, installation, roll-out and throughout the entire project lifecycle. Read more about where we have already proven our expertise.

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    Favendo tracked staff & patients during a large scale MCI training at the Heidelberg University Hospital.

  • Case Study: Indoor NAvigation at SAP Arena | Favendo GmbH

    Favendo implemented a bluetooth-based indoor navigation at SAP Arena Mannheim via app to improve the visitors experience.

  • Case Study: Asset Tracking in AUDI pre-owned Cars :plus center | Favendo GmbH

    Tracking of 700 cars at the Audi Used Cars :plus Center in Munich with integrated navigation system for indoors and outdoors.

  • Case study: Asset Tracking in the Aviation Industry | Favendo GmbH

    Indoor asset tracking in the context of Aerospace Industry 4.0

  • Case Study Tracking at Minera Antucoya in Chile | Favendo GmbH

    Seamless indoor/outdoor Asset Tracking solution in a copper mine in Chile to digitalize processes and increase productivity.

  • Case Study: Phoenix Contact | Smart Buildings | Favendo GmbH

    Indoor Navigation for a smart building complex implemented in Phoenix Contacts myEmalytics app based on the Favendo Whitelabel app.

  • Case Study: Navigation and Kids Tracking on MSC Cruisehips | Favendo GmbH

    On-Prem solution for mobile wayfinding and Kidsfinder feature on cruise ships. Favendo provides MSC Cruise ships with indoor navigation on board.

  • Case Study: Navigation at VW IT City | Favendo GmbH

    Indoor/outdoor positioning and mobile wayfinding

  • Case Study Indoor Navigaiton at Fraport Airport | Favendo GmbH

    Mobile wayfinding and proximity messaging at Frankfurt airport

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