Our free whitepapers and industry guides aim to navigate you through the world of real-time location like the green dot on the map. Benefit from our expertise in real-time location, indoor positioning, asset tracking or navigation. We will help you overcome your reservations about RTLS solutions, compare different location technologies and give you an overview of possibilities and use cases.

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Aruba Onepager Title

Track & Trace with Aruba APs

Many companies already rely on a WLAN infrastructure with Aruba access points. So why not use existing systems to implement an asset tracking solution? Learn about our joint solution.

Beitragsbild Dashboard

Onepager Favendo Dashboard

The dashboard brings location data together in one place and gives you valuable insight into your processes, customised by Favendo for your use case.

Favendo Modular RTLS Suite | RTLS Suite Brochure

Favendo Modular RTLS Suite

Find the RTLS solution that fits your needs 100%. Take advantage of the diversity of our modular software stack and combine the individual components of the RTLS Suite according to your use case scenario. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the Favendo Modular RTLS Suite!

Favendo Tagger | Favendo Modular RTLS Suite

Onepager Favendo Tagger

The Tagger tool of the Favendo RTLS Suite displays the physical connection between the tag and the asset on the software side.

Brochure RTLS in Logistics | Favendo

Brochure RTLS in Logistics

RTLS is your key to greater efficiency, visibility, and profitability in logistics and warehouses. Download our brochure for free.

Brochure on Smart Cruise Ships | Favendo

Brochure Smart Cruiseships

Discover how Favendo's solutions for Location-based services on cruiseships will enhance the guest experience and communication on board.

Favendo API Documentation | Favendo GmbH

Favendo API Documentation

Favendo offers an open API to make using your location solution fast and easy. This documentation gives you an insight into Favendo Zircon API.

Download Beacon Deployment Guide | Favendo GmbH

Beacon Deployment Guide

This guide will give you insights into best practice for beacon deployment.

Whitepaper: Asset and Person Tracking | Favendo GmbH

Whitepaper Asset & People Tracking

Download our whitepaper on asset and people tracking with RTLS. Practical examples, technology comparisons and RTLS details.

Geofenceing & Zone Alarm Management by Favendo GmbH

Onepager Zone Alarm Management

With location technology, you can do more. The geofencing and zone alarm management feature allows you to enrich your environmental data and use it for your purposes.

Favendo Viewer | Favendo Modular RTLS Suite

Onepager Favendo Viewer

Favendo's Viewer shows you the exact location of your asset on the map. The Viewer web-app is a modular component of Favendo's RTLS software suite and tailored to end users.

Indoor Navigation and Wayfinding with Bluetooth | Favendo GmbH

Onepager Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation is the perfect complement to enhance the geust or visitors experience in sport stadiums, event arenas, large building complexes, hospitals or even cruise ships.

RTLS in Mining | Onepager | Favendo GmbH

Onepager RTLS for Mining

Working in the mining industry means working in a dangerous environment with expensive tools. RTLS can help you to create transparency and especially safety for workers.

RTLS for manufacturing and production | Onepager | Favendo GmbH

Onepager industrial RTLS

RTLS in industrial environments can help you improve your processes, create transparency and uncover bottlenecks. All use cases and benefits can be found in our onepager for industry.

RTLS in healthcare and hospital | Onepager | Favendo GmbH

Onepager RTLS in Healthcare

Real-time indoor location is a powerful instrument that helps to create efficient healthcare systems. Download our onepager to learn more.

Indoor Positioning in Industry 4.0 | Quuppa & Favendo Partnerguide | Favendo GmbH

Guide Asset Tracking in Industry 4.0

Download our Partner Guide with Quuppa for RTLS in Industry 4.0 and discover the benefits of combining reliable high-end technology providers and service expertise in RTLS.

Guide: Asset Tracking in mining | Favendo GmbH

Guide Asset Tracking in Mining

Explore the value of real-time location tracking for mining in open pit and underground mines. Favendo's RTLS provides you with reliable location data even in harsh environments.

Guide: Asset Tracking in Healthcare and Hospitals | Favendo GmbH

Guide Medical Asset Tracking

The healthcare sector can benefit a lot from RTLS: Improved care, lean processes, more safety for patients and staff. Learn about what location technology can do for hospitals in our guide.

RTLS Use Case Portfolio | Favendo GmbH

RTLS Use Case Portfolio

The number of use cases for Real Time Location Services in various industries such as mining, healthcare, industry 4.0, sports or the cruise industry is almost unlimited. To give you an overview of possible use case scenarios, we have compiled a portfolio according to the different industries.