Favendo’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) gives you a complete overview of every detail in your manufacturing process. Whether it’s a tool, a piece of production equipment, a load carrier, an industrial truck or a person, with indoor tracking you always know where they are on your production line or on the factory floor. You are always up to date and know where the challenges are in the process chain. Say goodbye to bottlenecks!

Our real-time, Bluetooth-based tracking helps you improve your intralogistics, manage inventory, maximize machine and equipment utilization, better plan maintenance and repair times, and increase employee safety. In combination with geofencing and zone alerting, people tracking provides a high level of security for the company and its visitors. In short, RTLS in Industry 4.0 makes your business more efficient, more safe and more profitable.

Benefits of RTLS in Industry 4.0

Tracking objects and people with real-time location helps you transform to Industry 4.0 and to ease inventory management. No matter if you need a system for inventory tracking, people tracking, warehouse management or danger zone monitoring – RTLS can be used profitably in many different ways. Favendo specializes in indoor tracking systems for harsh environments based on Bluetooth Low Energy – either SaaS or installed on-premises. BLE has proven to be a particularly robust positioning technology for Industrial IoT, and is also cost-effective in terms of acquisition, deployment and smooth maintenance. With Favendo’s RTLS solutions, accuracies between 3 meters and 10 centimeters can be achieved. Depending on the technology used.

With a real-time tracking system, you can gain significant efficiencies by processing the collected data in a smart way. That’s why Favendo works with you to develop customized tracking solutions for your use case. Our RTLS is modular and our software suite gives you maximum flexibility in implementing your solution. Asset location data can be easily integrated into existing ERP or CRM systems. With the Favendo Viewer WebApp we also offer a user-friendly tool that helps end users to locate assets on the map.

Discover the added value of indoor positioning in industry

Discover the benefits of RTLS for your business now with our explorer tool, implemented with our partner Quuppa. Select the industry, use cases, number of people and assets, and immediately see the concrete results you can achieve with real-time tracking.

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