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Favendo – Technology Leader in location-based Services.

We offer advanced industry agnostic solutions.

Cruise Ships: 11,000 beacons and unique expert knowledge.

In spring 2017, the world’s largest private cruise company, MSC Cruises, presented the digital innovation program #MSCforMe at the ITB Berlin. For three years, MSC Cruises had been working with behavioral researchers, digital and technology experts to further focus on the needs of its guests using the latest consumer technology…

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Indoor navigation for Volkswagen IT-City by Favendo.

In December 2018, Bamberger Favendo GmbH was contracted to supply hardware and software to ensure seamless indoor and outdoor navigation via a mobile application in order further to optimise routes in and around the Volkswagen digital centre. In a first step scheduled for two years, a main building will be equipped with the necessary hardware…

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Location-based services specialist Favendo has implemented a BLE sensor infrastructure in terminals one and two at Frankfurt Airport for FRAPORT AG. In addition, the company developed and provided the positioning and navigation software for the Frankfurt Airport App. With the help of the Frankfurt Airport App…

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Selected Customers.

Our philosophy

The powerful architecture of Favendos’ location based services solutions is built to bridge on and offline worlds letting you see the whole picture. Extract your data sources for the best decision-making.

Basic Principles of Favendos Location-based-Solutions

location-based services

Build a sensor-based infrastructure.

Use our cutting-edge encrypted bluloc Blackwell beacons to build up a reliable and low-maintenance sensor-based infrastructure.

Favendo Location based services: indoor navigation, asset tracking, proximity marketing

Offer and use unique location-based services.

Take sensors to their full potential with our easy to integrate mobile services such as navigation, asset tracking or proximity marketing.

Favendo analytics

Gather essential data and analyze it.

We give you insights on running & idle times of technical equipment and also in customer behavior in- and outside your building.

optimize strategies with Favendo

Optimize business- and marketing strategies.

Favendo gives you all the data and the tools to optimize the efficiency of work processes and to take the best marketing decisions.

The cornerstones of our location based services.

Cutting-edge Beacons

Integrate your existing sensor-network or create new knowledge streams with our cutting edge proximity sensors for best location based services.

Software as a service

Boost your existing mobile application with our easy to integrate powerful software development kit or get an all-new customized app.

One single dashboard

The Commander dashboard enables you to manage your complete digital business from one single easy-to-use dashboard at the touch of a button.

Boost your business with Favendo.

Seamless interaction between cutting-edge sensor technology and a unique software architecture results in greater insights into process streams and customer data. We enable our users to find and implement the best possible strategy to raise efficiency and overall profit.


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