Real Time Location Services

Advanced software and hardware for high performance RTLS including complete Installation and Roll-out-Service. We deliver Real Time Location for every field of application.

Favendo RTLS and Installation-Service means mobile indoor positioning, wayfinding, people & asset tracking and proximity alerting on bluetooth basis. We provide planning, installation and roll-out of the hardware infrastructure for our customers during operation and provide high-performance software for any RTLS project. Our service covers on request training, system support and maintenance.

The starting point of each service is the exact localization of people and assets indoors using Favendos Commander Location Engine. We specialize in on-premises solutions for complex architectural environments.

Proximity Detection – Contact Tracing – Contagion Mitigation

Our multi-vendor approach to CoVID-19: We help corporate customers from all industries to secure their business by advising on, selecting and implementing an appropriate contact tracing health solution for contagion mitigation.

  • meet public expectations and hygiene concepts
  • protect employees
  • protect guests and visitors

Learn more about our safety solutions.

1 Infrastructure

Cutting Edge Bluetooth sensors

High quality beacons, tags and beacon trackers are the bedrock of our advanced proximity and real time indoor location solutions (RTLS) like positioning and indoor navigation. So let’s take a look at an exemplary beacon and learn what’s important. >>> More about Beacons.

2 Software

Commander SDK

All services are provided as one easy to integrate Software Development Kit (SDK). Once the SDK is integrated, all services can be activated by the touch of a button. We provide detailed tutorials including tips and troubleshooting and are available with advice and assistance.>>> More about our SDK.

3 Administration

Commander Location Engine

Favendos Commander RTLS platform enables indoor navigation, proximity marketingindoor asset and person tracking. We can track smartphones as well as sensor tags / wearables. Seamless data integration into third party systems (SAP/ERP). Commander can be run on premises or cloud based. >>> More about Commander.


Wayfinding / Asset Tracking / Proximity Marketing

Track & Trace everything. Our professional products are designed to help our customers find and localize things, people and places in real-world environments. Our aim is to make things faster to find so that our customers have more time for other things. >>> More about Asset Tracking.

Complete Real Time Location System

Favendo RTLS is a complete Real Time Location System and localizes people & assets using a BLE beacon infrastructure and corresponding software. The high-performance software is available as Android SDK and iOS SDK. The localization software can therefore be integrated into existing system environments and apps. We use self-developed ble hardware and carefully tested hardware from other vendors. We maintain partnerships with the technological market leaders for lighting systems with built-in BLE sensors and for LoRa technology.

Favendo is a partner of the Omlox Initiative. Omlox is the market’s answer to the challenges every company is currently facing: increasing efficiency by merging the digital and real worlds. Positioning and localization technologies play a particularly important role in this process. As the first global IoT standard, Omlox represents a quantum leap in terms of the optimal digitization strategy. With the new standard, different localization technologies such as Bluetooth, ultra-broadband, RFID or GPS can be linked together. The focus here is on the networked factory. More about Omlox.

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What is an RTLS System? Find answers in our FAQs:

What does RTLS stand for?

RTLS stands for Real Time Location Services and means the localization of assets or people indoors with the help of suitable technology.

Which Services does Favendo offer?

Favendo offers indoor positioning, indoor navigation, asset tracking, people tracking and proximity alerting. Of course, we also take care of the planning and installation of the necessary hardware. More detailed information on the individual solutions can be found on the respective solution pages. General information can also be found in our comprehensive glossary.

What technology is behind RTLS?

RTLS are based on the transmitter-receiver principle and can be implemented with various technologies. Favendo works with bluetooth low energy / Beacon technology. This technology stack has proven to be cost-effective, robust and with sufficient precision in positioning for the majority of all use cases.

What hardware does an RTLS system need?

Since RTLS is based on the transmitter-receiver principle, a corresponding infrastructure of beacons, beacon trackers and asset tags must be set up. A Wifi infrastructure is available in most cases and does not have to be reinstalled.  In some use cases, stand-alone beacons can also be avoided by integrating the beacon infrastructure into the lighting. Our partner Trilux offers appropriate LED lighting. The use of Aruba Access Points can additionally save hardware.  In order to track persons within the infrastructure, these persons must be equipped with a so-called tag, for example in the form of a bracelet.

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