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Basic Principles of Favendos real time location solutions

location-based services

Build a sensor-based infrastructure.

Use cutting-edge encrypted ble sensors (beacons) to build up a reliable and low-maintenance sensor-based infrastructure.

Favendo analytics

Manage everything from one front end.

With our unique Commander front end, you control and manage not only the infrastructure, but also all software-based functions.

Favendo Location based services: indoor navigation, asset tracking, proximity marketing

Provide real time location services.

Take sensors to their full potential with our easy to integrate mobile services such as navigation, asset tracking or proximity marketing.

The cornerstones of our real time location solutions.

Cutting-edge Beacons

Integrate your existing sensor-network or create new knowledge streams with cutting edge proximity sensors for best Real Time Location Solutions (RTLS).

Software as a service

Boost your existing mobile application with our easy to integrate powerful software development kit or get an all-new customized app.

One single dashboard

The Commander dashboard enables you to manage your complete digital business from one single easy-to-use dashboard at the touch of a button.

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Favendo is the trusted partner for superior RTLS and location-based services. Our Team is commited to providing timely and cost effective solutions for cruise industry, large shopping malls, sports facilities and facility management.