High precision indoor positioning with Bluetooth Angle of Arrival

AoA, short for Angle of Arrival, is a highly accurate method of indoor positioning using Bluetooth Low Energy. The technology is based on angle measurements and proprietary algorithms that have been optimized by the Finnish company Quuppa over the past 15 years. Favendo is an official Quuppa partner and uses Quuppa technology for use cases that require high accuracy. You can achieve sub-meter accuracy over long distances with RTLS solutions based on BLE Angle of Arrival. This methodology is best suited for tracking in manufacturing, logisticsand, warehousing and supply chain management. As a result, with BLE AoA you get reliable centimeter-precise location data in real time – even in the most challenging (industrial) environments.

Indoor tracking with Bluetooth Angle of Arrival is extremely versatile. Fortunately, it is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, an international and established wireless standard. This allows you to choose from a range of tags, sensors, mobile devices, barcode scanners or other hardware. Depending on your use case, Favendo offers hybrid RTLS solutions for indoor positioning with AoA. For example, you can use a combination of BLE AoA and BLE RSSI to meet the accuracy requirements of specific areas of your tracking environment. Thanks to an open API, you are also very flexible when it comes to the integration of your RTLS solution into existing systems.

High-precision indoor tracking with Bluetooth Angle of Arrival. Optimal positioning solution for Industry 4.0.

When you choose Bluetooth as your indoor positioning technology, there is virtually no use case in any industry that cannot be covered. And you don’t have to choose between BLE RSSI and BLE AoA. Thanks to the open infrastructure of the systems and the common Bluetooth base, both methods can be combined wonderfully. As an RTLS solution provider, Favendo also offers you the necessary expertise to develop an RTLS solution tailored to your use case. From centimeter-level tracking of boxes in the warehouse using Angle of Arrival, to room-level tracking of outbound goods, to outdoor box tracking using GPS and multi-mode tags in open systems. Favendo provides you a scalable, future-proof tracking solution without lock-in effect that covers all your requirements.

Bluetooth Low Energy is an internationally recognized wireless standard, and the AoA method has been tried and tested. So you can rely on a proven system for accurate positioning. When you choose BLE Angle of Arrival, you benefit from durable, cost-effective tags and a maintenance-free infrastructure. This robust infrastructure is especially suited to demanding environments such as indoor location in Industry 4.0, automotive, logistics and warehousing. Smooth operation, easy to deploy, affordable hardware, and full visibility all contribute to high ROI.

High Precision Indoor Positioning

Hybrid RTLS solution with Quuppa BLE Angle of Arrival.

High Precision Indoor Positioning

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