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Real time location services for the best cruise experience ever. RTLS enable your guests to always keep track with children, friends and property. They will never feel lost on-board again with indoor navigation.

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Favendo is the technological market leader for RTLS on cruise ships

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Real time location services offer the best cruise experience ever. Cruise companies have to come up with ideas time and time again in the face of tough competition in order to get new passengers. The core of the new services is precise on-board positioning via Real Time Indoor Location. This is what Favendo does.

Digitalization plays a central role in all areas of life. Cruise ships must also become “smart”. The MSC shipping company, for example, is relying on a new on-board concept called “MSC for me”. In the run-up to the project, the shipping company had conducted a study on passenger preferences with the consulting company Deloitte Digital. Carnival is subjecting the Princess Cruises fleet to a “smart make-over” with the Ocean Medallion project. Carnival’s decision is another example of a company investing in cutting-edge technology to better serve its customers and meet their more demanding needs.

The idea is to connect passengers and crew on board. Communication on ships with many international guests is also to be made easier. Overall, life on board is to be improved. MSC For Me includes functions such as indoor navigation and proximity solutions. It even goes so far that parents who have their children looked after can locate where they are at any time.


Indoor Navigation

Guests will be able to quickly locate any on-board destination through real-time navigation and visualization. Secure the holiday pleasure of your guests from the first second on. Indoor navigation ensures that your guests find their way on board straightaway. A glance at the smartphone is all it takes. 

Favendo is specialized on precise indoornavigation

People Tracking

Children, friends and family’s position is tracked real-time with custom proximity zones and alerts. With the Family and Friends Locator-Function nobody gets lost anymore. Everyone relaxes. Parents always know where their children are. Friends don’t lose sight of each other anymore.

Friends and Family Locator a RTLS for enhanced guest experience

Property Tracking

Asset tags can be placed on any piece of guest property and tracked in the same way as Favendo’s people tracking solution. The same applies to any mobile equipment on board. Your crew can concentrate fully on the needs of the guests and does not waste their time searching for the mobile loudspeaker system or any other moveable items. 

Favendos RTLS enable precise indoor positioning for property tracking

Guest Relations

Auto-notification to the guests to ensure they don’t miss what matters to them – guests can also place orders and receive updates from the crew. Keep your guests informed and entertained. 

Favendos RTLS enable enhanced guest relations

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Best practise: Take a look at how MSC Cruises uses RTLS with their awesome guest app.

A Look Inside our world

Favendo is the only supplier that can build the completely self-sufficient sensor infrastructure required at sea in extreme environment. 

High-precision positioning based on BLE technology requires a reliable infrastructure and an easy-to-use tool to control and maintain the infrastructure. We offer you both. We plan and install your sensor infrastructure with a high level of experience and adapted to the rhythm of the shipyard.

Our services are available via an easily integrated SDK or as a complete white label app. Our on-premises solution makes our customers completely independent even at sea.

by the numbers

Over 100,000 Cruise Guests trust Favendo’s services on Board!

+100.000 App downloads according to Google Play as of March 2019. Six Ships equipped, 15,000 beacons at sea. 

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