Industrial RTLS and advanced Indoor Location for manufacturing and production

Favendo’s Real Time Location solution allows you to locate and track and trace persons and objects in real time.

RTLS are used to automatically identify and track the location of staff and assets like workpieces in production lines or in the factory hall as well as mobile inventory in facility management. Person Tracking comes in play as a matter of security. Back-up teams are informed about the current location of single workers. In conjunction with geofencing and zone alerting, on-site person tracking provides a security feature for both the company and visitors. RTLS lower the risk of workplace accidents.

A standard JSON/REST push/pull API integrated in the Commander Location Engine enable companies to publish location data directly into additional CRM or ERP systems. Implementing RTLS means to implement improvements to business processes, resulting in improved asset utilization and cost optimization.

It can be important, especially in industrial applications, to extend your tracking solution to outdoor applications. Favendos system can also track machines and people in outdoor areas – factory grounds, campus, construction sites. In these cases we can integrate different radio technologies such as LoRaWAN into our Commander Location Engine. For our customers, the web-based Commander Frontend will still remain the only command centre for monitoring all object movements.

This makes us the perfect fit for for mining, petro-chemical and construction companies. The Tracker we use were developed for daily industrial use.

We are specialized in mobile tracking and navigation solutions in extremely harsh environment.

Favendo offers cloud based and extremely data secure on-premises solutions for industrial IoT. Numerous successful projects with customers such as Volkswagen, SAP, FRAPORT, Hammerson plc or MSC Cruises prove our competence in the fields of indoor positioning and indoor tracking. Favendo is partner on the Depot research and development project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and certified ARUBA Solutions partner. Favendo solutions are used and distributed by Trilux and Phoenix Contact.

On the individual subpages you will find further information on indoor navigation and asset tracking services.

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    RTLS for industrial IoT: FAQ’s and facts

    Why do you stick to Bluetooth technology?

    We stick to Bluetooth for indoor solutions because BLE technology is cost-effective in terms of purchase, maintenance and hassle-free maintenance. Tags and sensors a robust enough for daily use in rough surroundings.

    What accuracy can be reached?

    Favendo’s Asset Tracking System for indoors is based on Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology and with an accuracy of 1-3 meters does not reach the centimeter-accurate precision of the competing UWB technology, but is completely sufficient for room-accurate tracking and indoor navigation.

    Remember that Bluetooth positioning is sufficiently accurate to guide people through narrow buildings. To find a workpiece in a hall or to track a forklifter, the accuracy is sufficient. You will find what you are looking for when you are in close proximity. A centimeter-precise or even three-dimensional positioning is therefore often simply unnecessary.

    What does real time tracking mean?

    “Real time” is often used to describe a human rather than a machine sense of time, meaning that data is recorded/updated as it happens or at least with the shortest possible delay.

    I want to extend tracking to outdoor areas. Can you do this?

    If you want to extend tracking to outdoor areas like for example a construction side, we alternatively use LoRA technology. Favendo is a licensed distribution partner of Actility, the global leader for LPWA networking technology.

    Track and Trace anything

    • Track forklifts and lift vehicles
    • Track pallets and material racks
    • Track employees, visitors and solo workers
    • Track static safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, defibrillators, etc.

    Infographic: What RTLS in Industry 4.0 can do for you – briefly explained

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