Favendo and M2M Germany join forces

Favendo specializes in the development of software for location-based services in real time, such as asset tracking or indoor navigation, as well as the planning and rollout of associated hardware infrastructures – primarily based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). M2M Germany GmbH supports customers in setting up digital infrastructures with radio technologies such as LTE, LoRa, Bluetooth or NB-IoT and thus connects machines and plants with each other.   

M2M Germany and Favendo have recognized this overlap in expertise for various wireless technologies and thus also the potential that arises from it for existing and new customer projects. On that basis, both companies have decided to enter into a partnership with the aim of offering their customers the greatest possible flexibility – both in the choice of technologies and in the coverage of different use cases.  

Favendo M2M  Germany co-selling agreement

Co-selling co-operation with M2M Germany

Marius Nickolai, CEO of M2M Germany GmbH, puts it in a nutshell: “As an expert in industrial wireless technologies, we work across industries and applications. This presents us with many challenges, and whenever it makes sense, we also work together with other specialists.Therefore, a co-selling cooperation with Favendo GmbH is a sensible step for us, because the core areas of Favendo and us correspond excellently with each other. Together we can support potential customers even better and more flexibly with an indoor or outdoor locating solution.

In particular, hybrid approaches that require a technology mix or an indoor-outdoor solution will benefit from this partnership. We are primarily involved in selecting and setting up the infrastructure. This usually consists of gateways, a suitable LoRaNetwerk server and appropriate hardware. We can draw on a broad product portfolio or adapt the hardware accordingly. New development is also possible. While Favendo contributes the application and, if necessary, beacons and locators. In particular, we see potential when it comes to RTLS solutions that are to be integrated into a LoRaWAN infrastructure.” 

In order to implement seamless indoor/outdoor tracking, Favendo has been supporting LoRaWAN technologies such as those from Abeeway/Actility since 2020. M2M Germany also relies on LoRa wireless technology for a wide variety of use cases. This has the advantage that existing structures and systems can be reused in many cases and supplemented with additional functionality, such as an RTLS.   

“For hybrid installations with outdoor tracking, Favendo also supports LoRaWAN technologies, such as M2M Germany uses with their customers. So why not use the existing infrastructure for tracking as well? Since Favendo’s software is hardware-agnostic, M2M customers who want to extend their solutions by adding tracking services can build on their existing system. Whether in the cloud or on-prem, M2M and Favendo are the perfect partners for strategic planning, installation, integration, deployment, training and maintenance of IoT solutions!” – Stefan Balduf, CEO Favendo.   

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