Relay Mini Series – for high performance RTLS.

Freely configurable BLE-device. Works as Gateway, BLE-Tag or Beacon Tracker – you decide.

Relay Mini Series was developed and engineered inhouse by Favendos‘ BLE-specialists based on the experience gained from our projects in the cruise business, aviation and countless in-store navigations. Because we have not found a single device on the market that meets all our requirements for asset tracking, people tracking, location-based marketing and indoor navigation/wayfinding, we have poured this experience into a new BLE device: The result is the Relay Mini Series.

The multifunctional BLE devices come in various versions and casings for customized solutions in the renowned Favendo quality!
  • Extensive analysis and status features for network condition and statistics
  • Freely configurable beacon data format
  • BLE transmission power adjustable
  • OTA and remote configuration
  • Data encryption for highest security
  • LED status display (depending on casing)
  • Energy consumption <1W

Relay Mini Series is a true RTLS allrounder

The device is designed to perform all possible roles within a BLE infrastructure. Be it as a location tag, a beacon tracker, or as a gateway that transmits received BLE signals to a local server or into the cloud.

The devices are particularly small, economical in energy consumption with a power consumption of less than one watt and are available in various casing variants and as embedded versions.

Relay Mini embedded

The Relay Mini series is available as a unique embedded version and can therefore be integrated into existing or essential infrastructure components such as sockets or lighting. Especially in the area of lighting we have developed market-ready solutions with our partner TRILUX, covering the entire BLE infrastructure via energy-saving LED lighting.

This makes the Relay Mini ideal for quickly and safely retrofitting entire office buildings or production facilities and warehouses and making them fit for the future. In one step, RTLS such as asset tracking or indoor navigation / wayfinding are possible.

This is how Trilux does it. Read about wayfinding in an retrofitted office building here.

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Favendo is the trusted partner for superior Real Time Location Services. Our Team is committed to providing timely and cost effective solutions for cruise industry, large shopping malls, public venues, industrial surroundings and more. To offer our customers the most suitable system we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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