#OneFit4All – How digital solutions simplify everyday hospital life

Webinar: Digital Hospital | Favendo GmbH & Secanda

Simplifying processes and saving resources are now more than ever the major topics of digitization in the healthcare sector. However, the time and financial effort that seems necessary is causing many long overdue projects to fall further and further behind schedule.

That’s why Favendo and SECANDA have teamed up to offer an effective centralized solution for authorization management, identification and localization from a single source, which improves processes in everyday hospital life, saves time and money, and makes day-to-day work easier for everyone involved.

At the heart of the solution is a simple implementation process with an API that bundles various applications and provides user-friendly features.

These are the benefits offered by the joint digital solution for clinics:

Increase security

With the SECANDA system, each person receives a single ID to identify themselves anywhere in the system using the same app or smart card. One medium for payment transactions, time and attendance, identification, as well as for unlocking and locking. This enables automated data management while reducing security gaps. Authorization management happens in real time for all apps, regardless of employee badge (or other medium).

Reduce search times

Medical asset tracking with a Real Time Location System (RTLS) from Favendo helps clinicians to locate medical equipment as quickly as possible. This is not only beneficial in medical emergencies for better patient care, but also helps you save resources and avoid “safety purchases” for expensive equipment.

Improve orientation

Hospitals are usually complex multi-level buildings and often the wards are even spread over several buildings. This poses challenges for visitors and patients looking for their rooms or treatment rooms, but quite possibly also for staff or external service providers, such as maintenance and cleaning companies. To counteract this, Favendo offers a Bluetooth-based indoor navigation that helps everyone find the right way quickly. If an infrastructure with Bluetooth-enabled WLAN access points is already in place, these can be used for the navigation solution, thus saving costs for the hardware infrastructure.

Optimize processes

Thanks to the SECANDA software solution, staff, patients and guests use functions such as access, payment, single sign-on and more, with just one medium. In an automated process, secure user IDs are assigned their authorizations in real time, new data only needs to be recorded once, and access blocks only need to be set once. A central solution is all that is needed to manage all applications, making administrative processes faster, leaner and simpler, and saving everyone valuable time.