Favendo and Philips Healthcare are teaming up to reach common goals

Location solutions in healthcare | Favendo GmbH & Philips Healthcare

Decrease staff burden and operational costs for hospitals through tracking and tracing of mobile medical equipment.

Favendo GmbH, the German tracking solution provider, has entered a partnership with Philips Healthcare for the distribution of real-time location solutions, in particular asset tracking in hospitals, in order to improve workflows and reduce operational and procurement costs in a sustainable fashion. Philips Healthcare was looking for a Bluetooth Low Energy supplier to support Philips’ real-time operational decision support platform, called ‘PerformanceFlow’.

Everyday hospital and healthcare operation has to support high quality and cost-effective care delivery while balancing competing priorities amid a variety of constraints, in terms of resources, workflow, and capacity. Add to this the complex, variable, and dynamic nature of a hospital’s environment and it is easy to see why this balancing act can be extremely challenging. Philips and Favendo believe that real-time location data enriched with information from other software systems, connected devices and wearables in combination with BLE sensors play an important role to streamline operational excellence in hospitals. Getting real-time insights in operations facilitates analytics and identifies bottlenecks and thus, key areas for improvement to reduce wasting the time and resources inherent in healthcare processes.

Particularly around asset management in hospitals, you will find hundreds of expensive mobile medical assets such as infusion pumps, ultrasound, wheelchairs, and beds being underutilized and at the same time being searched for continuously. Medical staff spends at least 30 minutes a day on average searching for assets. The partnership between Favendo and Philips Healthcare enables the customer to have better possibilities to track and trace assets.

With Favendo’s Asset Tracking solution, assets can securely be located on room level with a spatial accuracy of one to three meters, reducing average asset search time by more than 67%. Due to the existing expertise in tracking solutions in physically complex environments, Favendo’s technology guarantees up to 45% less jumps (location hopping) than other real-time asset tracking solutions. The quality of Favendo’s overall technical approach, including the on-site supervision and quality assurance of the whole installation with Favendo’s self-developed BIS App (Beacon Infrastructure System), as well as the ease of use and the versatility of its RTLS infrastructure, were compelling arguments for choosing Favendo as the technology partner for the PerformanceFlow solution.

Quality assurance for each installation at Favendo is aligned with ISO 27001 quality assurance standards. On-site maintenance reports by Favendo staff ensure the best quality of our delivery, the resilience of our supply chain, and the continuity of services to our customers at any time and in any geography.