Favendo digitizes the WORLD OF TRILUX

Asset Tracking via BLE RSSI in Buildings | Favendo GmbH

Based on their modular white label app Favendo developed a virtual guide for the WORLD OF TRILUX.

The WORLD OF TRILUX invites everybody to experience first hand the future-oriented lighting systems and components of the worldwide operating company with its head quarters in Arnsberg, Germany. Now this experience even works digital. Favendo equipped the nearly 1000 square metres exhibition „Lichtlounge“ in Arnsberg with 110 bluetooth low energy beacon. Thus, customers and employees will be able to enjoy a special and fascinating journey through the WORLD OF TRILUX.

The installation of the bluloc beacons allows visitors a precise positioning within the exhibition. Using the app „WORLD OF TRILUX“ visitors are able to easily navigate through the building and to any desired Point of Interest or service facility. Specific information for the exhibition piece at the POI can be called up with a click. In addition it is also possible for the visitors to search the app for the stations that are most interesting for them and let them guide themselfes via a digital map to the chosen POI. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms.

The white label app developed by the location based services specialist at Favendo can easily be adapted specifically for each provider and for numerous use cases. The individual features can be integrated via software development kits into any existing application quick and easy and – depending on preference and requirement – can be activated in the application. The spectrum of options ranges from simple proximity marketing to precise turn-by-turn navigation through to the integration of augmented reality. The applied hardware comes from the wholly-owned subsidiary bluloc and is developed and produced in germany. The corresponding back-end allows to easily administer content and a clear visualization of the visitor flow via heatmapping.