Favendo Signs Ten-year Agreement for Asset Tracking in the Healthcare Sector

Favendo GmbH, the German provider of asset and people tracking, indoor and outdoor navigation and several other location-based services and solutions, proudly announces a ten-year agreement with a leading global provider of medical technology. The project, a large-scale RTLS implementation on a large regional hospital campus, will be Favendo’s third installation of its real time asset tracking and location-based services solution in medical environment.

Asset Tracking in the Healthcare Sector with Favendo RTLS

After a thorough assessment of several location-based solutions, Favendo won out against numerous national and international competitors in the RTLS technology in healthcare market. The newly signed agreement includes the planning, delivery and installation of the necessary hardware and the use of Favendo’s Commander Platform, the latter of which will serve as the backbone for the Real-Time Location-based Services package that will cover an area of approximately 200.000 sqm in more than 30 buildings.

Favendo’s BLE sensor infrastructure and asset tracking solution will provide the client’s staff with a complete overview of the location, as well as other information related to the use, of assets and devices in a tightly controlled medical environment. After analysis, the collected information will be used to optimize resource management strategies by assisting with the locating and the positioning of devices. The benefits of which will come in the form of time savings, avoidance of supplemental equipment costs and higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Winning this agreement, once again, serves to highlight Favendo’s role as a hidden champion and solidifies its reputation as a provider of real time location-based tracking solutions for both indoor and complex environments. This agreement is a major step in the Favendo’s development and a strategic development for the international healthcare market.

Arnaud Becuwe, CEO of Favendo:
“In the preliminary evaluation, we figured out that real-time asset tracking could improve the efficiency of equipment use by up to 26%. This provides an organization’s staff the foundation on which to develop operational strategies to avoid unnecessary investment in supplementary medical devices. We are extremely pleased to partner with a leading global medical technology company to leverage the full potential of RTLS for hospital operators.”

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