Favendo Redefines Location Solutions with the Launch of a Cutting-Edge Modular RTLS Suite

Favendo Modular RTLS Suite

The Favendo Modular RTLS Suite enables organizations to transform their operations, enhance security protocols, streamline processes and improve customer experiences like never before.

Favendo, a provider of innovative location-based solutions, is excited to announce the launch of their Modular RTLS Suite. This Software Suite incorporates state-of-the-art technology that revolutionizes industries by providing unparalleled scalability and flexibility in location-based services. The Suite’s modular design and interoperable software components allow companies of every size and industry to use real-time location data to reduce search times, increase security, improve processes and save money. The Modular RTLS Suite addresses the evolving needs of customers for location-based data analytics, RTLS with a short Return on Investment (ROI), and overall cost optimization, by simultaneously opening up new use cases.

Key components of the Favendo Modular RTLS Suite:

  • Favendo Location Engine, calculates the position of assets or people
  • Favendo Commander, backoffice for Favendo’s RTLS solutions, which allows users to manage their RTLS installations
  • Favendo API, open push/pull API that can seamlessly integrate with third-party applications
  • Favendo SDK, easy-to-integrate Software Development Kit for indoor positioning in existing iOS or Android apps
  • Favendo Viewer, intuitive web-app for locating assets on a map
  • Favendo Tagger, end-user tool for effectively managing tags and assets
  • Favendo Robot, tool that enables the creation and management of individual event routines in order to automate processes
  • Favendo Dashboard, customized Kibana dashboard to analyze and monitor location data based on the elastic.io software stack

The RTLS Suite offers a modular architecture that can easily adapt to numerous industries and use-cases. The scalable design allows businesses of any size to access its benefits and expand the solution as necessary. By integrating partner technologies from Quuppa or Actility/Abeeway, hybrid RTLS solutions can be implemented that provide high flexibility. In addition to tracking use-cases, Favendo also offers a client-based indoor positioning wayfinding solution. Organizations can tailor the solution to their specific needs and achieve maximum operational efficiency.

Consequently, customers are only charged for the modules they require, thereby reducing unnecessary costs. Businesses can adjust their investment according to their operational requirements and financial constraints. Favendo’s dedication to cost-effectiveness enables businesses to leverage cutting-edge RTLS technology without compromising on quality or exceeding their budget.

The RTLS suite is designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, making the implementation process smooth and stress-free. In addition, the RTLS solution can be integrated with current hardware, such as Aruba WLAN access points, to conserve resources and reduce costs.

Favendo’s CEO, Stefan Balduf, expressed his excitement about the launch:

“The Favendo Modular RTLS Suite is revolutionizing location solutions. We are proud of our advanced RTLS solutions that help organizations achieve better levels of operational efficiency and security. Designed for the end user, the new modules are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into the customer’s software environment. The scalability and versatility of our suite will undoubtedly set new industry standards.”

To learn more about the available pricing options and to discuss custom packages tailored to your organization’s unique requirements, feel free to reach out to our sales team at info@favendo.com or use our contact form. We are dedicated to finding the perfect fit for your business and ensuring maximum value from our Modular RTLS Suite.

About Favendo:

Since 2014, Favendo has built a solid reputation as a provider of mobile tracking and navigation solutions for indoor and complex environments such as cruise ships, airports, sports stadiums or manufacturing plants. In recent years, Favendo has developed its expertise primarily in asset tracking for various industries. These include healthcare, mining, and manufacturing. For this, Favendo was positioned by Gartner in the Niche Players quadrant of the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services, Global. Favendo relies on a broad partner network consisting of technology partners such as Quuppa and Actility for high-precision location solutions and seamless indoor & outdoor tracking. This is complemented by industry-specific partnerships with IoT platform providers such as Philips Healthcare and IGO.