Hybrid RTLS: Maximize Efficiency and Safety in Industrial Settings

Webinar MAximizing Efficiency and Safety in Industrial Settings with Hybrid RTLS Solutions | Favendo

Dive with us into the world of Hybrid RTLS and join our webinar on “Maximizing Efficiency and Safety in Industrial Settings with Hybrid RTLS Solutions” to discover how our end-to-end tracking solution can transform your industrial processes.

Jun 22nd, 11 am CET

Led by Favendo the webinar will feature Quuppa, the foremost technology provider of RTLS and Indoor Positioning Systems, and Actility, a global leader in IoT connectivity solutions. Together, they will provide a comprehensive overview of Hybrid RTLS, its benefits, and its wide range of use cases.

You will hear real-life success stories from satisfied customers of Favendo, illustrating the significant improvements in efficiency and safety achieved through our solution. Get ready for an immersive experience as we demonstrate our solution with a demo, showcasing the capabilities and features of our Hybrid RTLS solution.

To wrap it up, we’ll have a dedicated question and answer session, where you can engage with our experts and get answers to your specific queries.


What is Hybrid RTLS?

The hybrid RTLS approach aims to overcome the limitations of individual tracking technologies and previously applicable conditions for tracking systems.

A hybrid RTLS solution can either combine tracking technologies such as BLE for indoor tracking and GPS for outdoor tracking and global positioning. Or it can provide options for the configuration of tracking systems, such as tagless or infrastructureless tracking, i.e., without fixed anchor points or tracking devices.

The combination of technologies or the configuration of location systems offers great advantages for different use cases by using strengths in a targeted manner and compensating for weaknesses. Users of an RTLS thus become much more flexible and real-time location can be scaled to many use cases by means of minor adjustments.

For example, BLE RSSI is suitable for indoor location as it provides proximity-based location information, while BLE AoA provides high-precision location in areas where sub-meter accuracy is required. GPS, on the other hand, is ideal for outdoor location and global positioning. By combining these technologies, hybrid RTLS systems can offer more robust and versatile tracking capabilities.

They can provide accurate location data in both indoor and outdoor environments, track assets or personnel in real-time, enable geofencing and zone-based monitoring, and support various use cases such as inventory management, asset tracking, personnel safety, and more.

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