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Favendo & Kathrein | Webinar RFID + RTLS

Visibility in material flow: RTLS in combination with RFID

  • RFID digitized load carriers in combination with Real-Time Location Services (RTLS)
  • BLE tracking in combination with RTLS
  • Powerful solutions for the manufacturing industry by adding location technologies.
  • Overview of location technologies: WIFI, UWB, GPS, RFID & BLE

Note: The webinar language is German.

Webinar Invitation: RFID als Schlüsseltechnologie in der Industrie 4.0 | Kathrein & Favendo

Partner Webinar with Kathrein Solutions GmbH

  • What opportunities does the digitization of load carriers based on RFID technology offer my company?
  • How are RFID solutions used in other companies and what is the added value?
  • Is it true that RFID leads to problems in connection with metal boxes or metal shelves?

The webinar language is German

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Favendo is the trusted partner for superior Real Time Location Services. Our Team is committed to providing timely and cost effective solutions for cruise industry, large shopping malls, public venues, industrial surroundings and more. To offer our customers the most suitable system we partner with Quuppa and Abeeway.

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