1 Front-end Solution for 4 Technologies: Favendo Viewer is Technology Agnostic

The Favendo Viewer web-application is designed to be as generic as possible for a good reason. This way, we have even more room for modifications, extensions, and technology integrations. We are particularly proud of the fact that the Viewer can now not only display our proprietary tracking solution based on BLE (RSSI), but also all three of our partner technologies: Quuppa, Actility/Abeeway and Aruba.  

This makes the Viewer the master key among front-end solutions for almost any asset tracking use case. Whether it’s a use case that requires high-precision tracking, whether you’re looking for a solution that can track assets both indoors and outdoors, or whether you already have an WLAN infrastructure using Aruba access points that you want to integrate with the asset tracking solution. All use cases can be easily represented with one front-end solution thanks to the Viewer.  

High precision asset tracking with Quuppa technology  

Quuppa is the world’s leading real-time location system for indoor positioning. The high-performance technology enables users to track the location of tagged assets in real time – with centimeter accuracy. Favendo’s API feeds the Viewer application with location data from Quuppa Location Engine, so assets movements are visually displayed to the user on a map with individualized geofences that reflect the building`s floor plan. With customizable update rates for each use case, i.e., the time interval at which location data is sent, movements on the Viewer are almost as smooth as directly in the Quuppa Console. 

In the video you can see how the Viewer works with Quuppa technology. The demo does not show a real hospital environment, but a test installation in our office in Bamberg, the naming of the assets and rooms is only for the purpose of better illustration.

Mix and Match: Aruba Access Points and Favendo BLE  

We have already explained how an Aruba infrastructure can be used as the basis for a BLE-based asset tracking system. And also, Aruba Access Points, which then act as trackers, can be mapped via the Viewer tool. In concrete terms, this means that beacon trackers and Aruba APs […]