• 22.09.2022

    #OneFit4All – How digital solutions simplify everyday hospital life

    Simplifying processes and saving resources are now more than ever the major topics of digitization in the healthcare sector. However, the time and financial effort [...]

  • 19.08.2022

    Technology compared: Which positioning technology fits your use case?

    There are countless use cases for location or tracking solutions - both indoor and outdoor. Finding the right technology for the respective use case is [...]

  • 27.07.2022

    It’s a Match! What Tinder has to do with Asset Management

    Swipe right - it's a match! Tinder is one of the largest dating apps in the world. In the first quarter of 2022, user numbers [...]

  • 20.07.2022

    Environmental – Social – Governance: How RTLS promotes ESG factors

    Climate crisis, energy crisis, economic crisis. Companies of all sizes are increasingly dependent on adapting their work processes and corporate strategies to current developments on [...]

  • 23.06.2022

    Digitalisation in the sports and event sector: What Flensburg and Wembley Stadium have in common.

    London, Wembely Stadium. Seating rows with a total length of 54 kilometers. 688 snack and drink outlets. 47 fan shops. 2,618 toilets. 8 restaurants. The [...]

  • 07.06.2022

    What happens with location data after they have been generated?

    Favendo is a solution provider for real-time positioning solutions. But what exactly does that mean? What exactly are Real Time Location Services? And what do [...]

  • 02.05.2022

    Let’s talk about Tags: How to choose the right hardware for your RTLS deployment

    When choosing an RTLS system, in addition to the technology (e.g., Bluetooth, GPS or LoRaWAN) and the positioning algorithms behind it, you also have to [...]

  • 30.03.2022

    Favendo and Philips Healthcare are teaming up to reach common goals

    Decrease staff burden and operational costs for hospitals through tracking and tracing of mobile medical equipment. Favendo GmbH, the German tracking solution provider, has entered [...]

  • 12.12.2022

    UWB vs. BLE: A technology comparison for indoor positioning

    BLE or UWB - which technology is better for indoor positioning? We try to clarify. Because when it comes to indoor positioning, there are various [...]

  • 24.11.2022

    How RTLS leverage to increase productivity in the mining industry

    Whether in the construction industry, in furniture making, for machine tools or food packaging - steel or iron are indispensable in our everyday lives and [...]

  • 17.10.2022

    The impact of location technology on fan engagement in sports and what it has to do with Netflix

    It has now been over 2.5 years since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a global pandemic in March 2020. For a long time, therefore, [...]

  • 26.09.2022

    Building the future of the construction industry with flexible location services

    It is no coincidence that large construction projects often have the reputation of exceeding every previously set budget and usually taking much longer than planned. [...]