Omlox Consortium Creating a Unique Standard

First industry 4.0 standard for locating technologies.

Omlox aims to establish itself as the new industry standard for locating technologies. The goal of Omlox is to “make it easier for industrial customers to use hardware and software from different manufacturers,” as Thomas Schneider, Development Director at Trumpf, explains. Sixty companies – among which Favendo GmbH – have already joined the initiative launched by the machine manufacturer Trumpf, and it is to be presented at the Hannover Fair, which has since been postponed.

Omlox wants to break up isolated solutions

Omlox is not yet another IoT Platform but aims to allow unified access to location data across spaces und positioning technologies.

omlox locating standard

Until now, many location solutions have only worked on their own. In contrast to Favendo, whose Indoor Location Application Platform Commander already has an open JSON/REST Push/Pull API, which enables the integration of location data into existing CRM and ERP systems by default, many providers have so far relied on closed systems. Interested companies were therefore often faced with either-or decisions. With the new standard, various location technologies such as Bluetooth, ultra broadband, RFID or GPS can be connected together. The focus here is on the networked factory.

Omlox represents a quantum leap in terms of the optimal digitization strategy. Because when technologies speak the same language, companies can put together solutions that fit their needs from different technology stacks. For example, different positioning technologies can be combined in one and the same company and, above all, easily technically integrated.

As a result, systems can be adapted and changed again and again over time. They can grow with the requirements and with the future technical development. The risk of poor decisions is reduced. In any case, the owner retains full control of his system and becomes more independent of any individual provider.

What makes Omlox unique

Omlox aims to build bridge between hardware manufacturers and infrastructure providers on the one hand (tags, anchors, sensors, but also drones and AGVs) and providers of industrial location applications such as asset tracking or navigation solutions on the other.

To turn this idea into reality, both the location engine – as the central part of every positioning system, in which position data is generated from sensor data – and the data hubs, in which the data is merged, as well as the applications are provided with an open interface. This creates a multi-level architecture that allows data obtained from different location systems to be merged. This API is tested and certified for hub implementation and partner solutions before any hand-over to public network operators.

What does it mean in practice for you?

Omlox is a market response to the challenges currently facing every company: increasing efficiency by merging the digital and real worlds. Positioning and location technologies play a particularly important role in this process. Because the individual position is the most important status descriptor about which an object or a person in a networked structure must provide feedback. Exact positioning of assets is the most important building block for the Internet of Things. With Omlox all data, whether obtained via RFID or UWB or BLE, can be processed equally well. It no longer matters which supplier has provided the infrastructure.

In zones where high-precision positioning of assets is required, for example, UWB can be used. In zones where room-accurate positioning is sufficient, more cost-effective BLE/RSSI can be used. With Omlox, position data obtained in different ways can still be displayed in a single coordinate system. The aim is to reduce the TCO of the Smart Factory without having to sacrifice complete coverage of the factory site and the transparency necessary for process optimization.

As stated, location plays a major role in any Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Use cases with location context are for example:

  •  safety solutions, like single worker tracking
  • location-based activities, like automated booking or geo fencing
  • asset tracking and management solutions, like carrier tracking and ordering

If networking and communication are the key features of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, a universal language of the components involved is a basic prerequisite for the successful implementation of digitization strategies. Omlox wants to be that.

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